Outdoor 3 tier flower rack, Patio 3 tier shelf

Outdoor 3 tier flower rack, Patio 3 tier shelf

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Description: Outdoor three-layer flower rack
Product SKU: ASU00503B
Size: 60x31x160cm
Color: Black
A three-layer iron flower stand designed specifically for outdoor greening, made of iron material and paired with classic black paint to ensure use in outdoor environments. Its elegant three-layer structure not only increases the space for plant placement, but also optimizes the vertical landscape of the garden or balcony, making lush greenery the focus.
Each layer of the flower rack is carefully designed with widened platforms to firmly support various potted flowers and plants. Whether it is a large foliage plant or a dazzling seasonal flower, it can be perfectly displayed here.
In addition, the flower stand incorporates elements of European pastoral style, with smooth lines and a stable structure, which can maintain its beautiful form even in outdoor wind and sun, becoming a beautiful scenic line in the courtyard.
Easy to assemble, the placement can be adjusted according to actual needs, making it easy to create your own private garden space.


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